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Bails For Tails Rescue, NC

Be part of the solution to keep animals healthy and safe and the population under control. It takes a community coming together to solve the problem

We are a non-profit cat rescue organization based in historic Fayetteville, NC

Cat Being Cozy

Bails For Tails Rescue, NC

A Volunteer and Community Effort

Bails For Tails Rescue, NC is a non-profit cat rescue organization that works for our community. We have a thrift/donation store located in Fayetteville, NC that helps to fund our efforts but this is not enough. Bails For Tails Rescue, NC spends over $600 each month just on cat food and cat litter alone



Cat Adoptions

Cat Adoptions are a huge part of what we do. Every cat we acquire comes from stray, abandoned, or hoarding situations. We either trap the cats ourselves or accept them from others, provide medical care, socialize, and adopt these animals to families.

Town Cats

We are located in downtown historic Fayetteville, NC. Before providing our services, the town was overrun by stray cats. We have worked very hard to make sure every cat has been fixed to control the population. In addition, each cat has received vaccines as well as their rabies vaccine at the time of their spay/neuter.

Trap and Release

As well as caring for the cats that get adopted and the town cats, our rescue works with local residents to control the population and provide medical care to the colonies. We trap and release the cats back into the colonies after they have been examined and spayed/neutered.  In addition, we also feed them as often as we can.

Foster/Foster to Adopt Program

We could not do what we do without the help of our foster families. Often times we are contacted regarding strays or animals that need to be rehomed. Our fosters not only assist with giving these cats a temporary home, they also help to socialize them. Many times the cats are exposed to families with children, other cats, and dogs. This also helps us to find a better "fit" for each kitty.



Our kitties!!

Here are some of our success stories, our current medical situations, as well as cats that are available for adoption/fostering.  Please contact us if you are interested in adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering.

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